• Be heard without having to speak
  • Display a message in large type, full-screen
  • Pre-loaded with popular notes
  • Customize and save your own favorite notes
  • Available for both iPhone and iPad
  • Messages dynamically scale based on the amount of text you enter

Use NotePass during boring meetings, or to get someone’s attention. How about flirting? NotePass can help with that too!

NotePass is great for ordering drinks at a crowded and noisy bar, or getting the DJ to play your song.

Does your throat hurt? Ask for hot tea with NotePass!


New getnotepass.com Site!


7 years ago

For a while now we have been talking about finally getting around to making a site just for the NotePass app, and here we are, you’re reading this post when that shiny new site is up. We have a lot … Continue reading

Twitter Contest Winner!


8 years ago

Our contest has been fast and furious, and we finally have a winner. @arandise is the winner of a $25 Amazon Gift Card for helping spread the word about NotePass on twitter. Congratulations, @arandise! For everyone else? We have some … Continue reading

NotePass v2.0 Available Now


8 years ago

What’s new in NotePass version 2? Well, all kinds of bug fixes and performance improvements, but also NotePass now supports favorites! Save your own custom NotePass messages for easy re-use. We’ve also pre-loaded NotePass with some populate notes, to give … Continue reading


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