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New Site!

Posted 7 years ago by admin

For a while now we have been talking about finally getting around to making a site just for the NotePass app, and here we are, you’re reading this post when that shiny new site is up.

We have a lot of plans for NotePass in the future, engaging with our users, finding your cool and unique uses that we never even considered when NotePass was created (seriously, we love seeing the unique ways people use it), and to do all that more easily and in a way that works best for all of us, we needed a central point for all of NotePass’s news.

Sure, we’re on twitter (follow us @NotePass), and working on our Facebook and Google+ stuff, but this is the start.

So stay in touch, keep an eye out either by subscribing to RSS, following us on twitter, and getting the NotePass app from the App Store now), and thank you for all your support!

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